A Message From The League President

A Message From The League President

League Members of Walnut PONY Baseball, I hope you have enjoyed the season thus far and your children are having the time of their lives. I am reaching out to everyone to please ask that you pick up after yourselves when leaving the parks in and around the fields. There has been an exorbitant amount of trash left throughout the day during game days and we need everyone’s help to maintain the grounds throughout.

 Our League objectives have always been aligned with the City to ensure that we keep Creekside Park and Snow Creek Park looking their best, by cleaning up after ourselves and taking great care of the fields for our children. This can only be accomplished when everyone pitches in to help clean as we go. On behalf of the Board of Directors of Walnut PONY Baseball I thank you for your attention and help to keep our community parks looking great.


Rene Aviles

President, Walnut PONY Baseball