All-Star Mikie Gutansky

All-Star Mikie Gutansky

Mikie Gutansky is an all-star player on Manager Joey Calzadiaz’s Mustang 9U All-Star team. A couple of weekends ago, Mikie was playing for his team when he started complaining of headaches. He was taken to emergency and they found a lesion on his skull that is a rare condition called Langerhans cell histiocytosis. Doctors were able to operate and remove the tumor and Mikie is going to begin chemotherapy. Mikie’s manager has been getting updates from Mikie’s parents, Steven and Sylvia, and they report that Mikie is in good spirits and recovering well.

The Gutansky’s have been members of Walnut PONY Baseball for several years and also have son’s Jason and Frankie playing in the league. Mikie is a huge baseball fan and was very excited to be representing Walnut in the first annual Mustang-9 World Series later next month. While Mikie won’t be able to join his teammates out in the field, he will now be their biggest supporter and a guiding force.

On behalf of Walnut PONY Baseball and its board of directors, we wish a speedy recovery for Mikie and we want him to know how much he is in our thoughts.

Get well soon Mikey!

Get well soon Mikie!