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Coaching Staff

  • Arrive ONE HOUR Prior to scheduled start time
    • Manager or Coach check in with Director for coin toss
    • Should not be on the field prior to coin toss
    • Must have Team Book with all documentation at all games
  • Control Tempers
    • Their attitudes normally dictate those of the players and parents
    • Coaching staff responsible for the fans behavior
    • Responsible for themselves, players and parents
  • Allow only players and coaches who are in full uniform* on the field.  *Baseball pants w/belt, Shirt/Jersey (tucked in), Tournament Patch, Baseball Cap, Socks & Shoes (Coaches may not wear sandals)
  • Respect Host Facilities and requests.
  • Treat umpires as they would like to be treated or expect to be run.



  • Stay off the field until Coin Toss is complete
  • Respect all facets of the game
  • Respect Host Facility
  • Control Language, throwing of bats and losing tempers
  • Come with full uniform and patch to all games
  • Stay focused on the game
    • Do not talk with anyone other than those on your team and your coaches
  • No food in the dugout
  • How a player leaves when ejected determines when/if they come back
  • Ejected player stays in the dugout is no parent is present



  • Control Tempers
  • Do not talk with the players and/or coaching staff

    • Allow coaches to coach. Don’t interfere.
  • Do not verbally abuse the umpires or others
  • Respect the Host Facility and requests
  • Do not bring in alcohol.
  • Respect smoking laws


Other Rules

  • No must slide rule or avoid contact
  • No courtesy runner
  • No local rules
  • No bat boys
  • No mandatory playing of all players
  • No foul language
  • No interaction with the Scorekeeper. All changes thru Home Plate Umpire