Bronco-11 West Zone Festivities Start Today

The West Zone Bronco-11 Skills Competitions and BBQ start on Wednesday, July 18 at 5pm at Creekside Park. The 8 teams competing in the tournament will send out representitives to try and win various prizes, courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Goods,  in events such as Around-the-Horn, Fastest Around the Bases and of course, a Home Run Derby. There will be delicious tri-tip sandwiches for the players and coaches to eat and plenty of fun before the games get started on Thursday.

Thursday will have games on both fields at 5pm and 7:30pm. The 7:30 game on the South Field will feature the first game for our own Walnut Bronco-11 All-Star team against Vacaville, who are representing Northern California. Friday’s games start at 2:30pm and are again on both fields. All games on the South Field on Thursday will be streamed live here, while the remaining days’ games will be streamed live from the North Field.

The Championship game will be on Sunday, July 22, starting at 11am.