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  • What is Walnut Valley PONY Baseball?

    This is a youth recreational co-ed baseball league located in the city of Walnut.

  • Why is this league called Walnut Valley PONY Baseball?

    We are located in the city of Walnut but we welcome members from surrounding cites so that’s where the ’Valley’ comes from. The word PONY is actually an acronym for ‘Protect Our Nation’s Youth’ and as the grammar nuts out there know, acronyms should be all-uppercase, except for those few that have linguistically taken on an identity as regular words.

  • Is Walnut PONY a 'for profit' business?

    No, absolutely not. Walnut Valley PONY Baseball or Walnut PONY, is a non-profit organization associated with PONY Baseball (Protect Our Nation’s Youth). Walnut PONY is run by a Board of Directors who consist of parents of the league and other community members who want to help out. We are all volunteers and nobody gets paid.

  • When is the season(s)?

    There are basically 3 seasons, spring, all-stars and fall ball. The major one is the spring season that is open to everyone from the age of 3 to 14 and starts with try-outs in January and ends roughly a week before Memorial Day in May. If the player is selected and agrees to play all-stars, they become eligible for the all-star season, which usually runs from June to the end of July. The other season is called Fall Ball and it is also open to everyone within a certain age group and runs from September to early November. However, Fall Ball does not necessarily take place every year due to a variety of reasons.

  • When are games?

    Games are usually twice a week. Usually one on a Saturday and another during a weeknight. That can vary from as much as three games in a week to zero, depending on the number of teams, rain-outs, etc. The game scheduler tries to keep it consistent but again, it can vary. Most seasons games are not scheduled on Fridays and are usually very limited on Mondays. The city does not allow us to schedule any games on Sundays. These are the general guidelines that the game scheduler has used over the years for each division.

    Foal (4U), only plays once a week on Saturday mornings.

    Shetland (6U, plays Saturday afternoon and will have a weekday game about 6pm.

    Pinto (8U), Saturday mornings and early afternoons and a weekday game at 4:30pm.

    Mustang (10U), Saturday afternoon and weeknights at 7pm.

    Bronco (12U), Saturday afternoon and weeknights at 7pm.

    Pony (14U), Saturday mornings and afternoons and weeknights at 7pm.

    Yes, we have lights at both parks.

  • Where are the games?

    The older division, Pony (14U) plays most or all of their games at Snowcreek Park. Some years that division will inter-league and play some games at another league’s fields. All the other age divisions, play all of their games at Creekside Park.

  • When are practices?

    Practices days and times are usually determined by the manager. They are generally once or twice a week and most often in the late afternoon. If you think you will have problems getting to those practices, let your manager know.

  • Do I have to work the snack bar?

    Not unless you want to. We usually only have paid workers in there. That’s another reason we don’t ask for a snack bar deposit and our costs have gone up.

  • I want to speak to someone directly about the league. How do I do that?

    Please keep in mind that we usually have about 400 players in this league plus managers and coaches. There are only about 20 board members and again, we are just volunteers. We can’t field phone calls from every parent so there is no direct phone number for the league. If you can’t find the answer you need from this website or these FAQ’s, we have several different ways you can ask. Email, Contact Form, Facebook, the Registration Feedback are the best ways to get a hold of us. Someone will usually email you back to you within 24 hours.

  • Can the parent or player pick what team they are on?

    No. We do have a sibling option that allows brothers or sisters to play on the same team if they are in the same age division. However, this rule does not apply for cousins, friends, car pool buddies, etc. If there is a manager or another player you want to be on the same team with, mention it during the registration process (in the comments and requests section) and we will advise the managers of your request during the player draft, however, managers are under no obligation to honor your request.


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  • Why are there try-outs? Doesn’t everyone get to play on a team?

    Yes, absolutely, every child registered will play and make a team. We hold try-outs to make sure the teams are balanced. We don’t want one team to have all the all-star players on the roster and another to have nothing but first year players. This is why all managers come to try-outs and have an opportunity to evaluate all the kids in their divisions. We then have unique draft rules that are designed to have as many balanced teams as possible. It doesn’t always work out that way but we feel we do a pretty good job every year of having a fair and competitive season.

  • When and where are tryouts?

    Mid-January on a Saturday. Each division will have a two hour block. The times and locations will be announced when the dates are closer. FOR 2015: Location, dates and times are listed HERE

  • Can I still register my child at tryouts?

    Yes, if you want to wait in an additional line while other players who registered before tryouts go first. There also won’t be any discount. If you’re going to wait till the last minute to register, recommend you at least register online the night before or even before you show up to the tryouts. That way you’ll avoid the massive line and still get a discount.

  • Does my child need to attend both Saturday tryout dates?

    No, only one.

  • Does my child need to tryout in order to be placed on a team?

    Yes. Players that do not tryout are placed on the waiting list and only placed on a team if there is a shortage of players. Once a designated amount of time has passed and if the child is not placed on a team, a full refund will be given. In other words, make sure your child goes to one of the tryouts!

  • Will there be makeup tryouts if my child was not able to attend either of the two scheduled tryouts?

    Maybe. That depends on how many players did not attend the first two. We very much encourage players to attend one of the two scheduled tryouts. Tryouts are an extremely long day for the board members running them and it can be very difficult to schedule another date for the league to get together again to evaluate a whole other group of players. Please attend one of the two scheduled tryouts. We don’t want to place your child on a waiting list. We want all kids who want to play, to play.

  • Do Foal (4U) division players need to tryout?

    No. Once teams are organized, you will be contacted by the manager. This usually happens in early February.

  • Do Pony (14U) division players tryout on the same day as the other divisions?

    Not usually. Most years the city of Walnut closes down the park where that division plays, Snowcreek Park, so the season will probably start later than the others. They normally have a separate tryout date in late January.

  • What kind of equipment should the player bring to try-outs?

    At least a fielding glove. If they have their own helmet and bat, they should bring that as well. Comfortable clothing, baseball pants if they have them. Cleats and a protective cup are recommended but not required for tryouts.

2015 Season

  • When is opening day?

    Usually mid-February. This year it is Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 9am (time is subject to change)

  • When does the spring season end?

    Usually, the week before Memorial Day Weekend. This year it is scheduled for May 16, 2015 but that date may change to a week earlier.

  • Is there a spring break and if so, when is it?

    Yes, there is a spring break when no games are played. This usually coincides with the Walnut School Districts schedule. This year spring break will be April 5 through April 11, 2015.

  • What kind of equipment should will my child need for the season?

    Get with your manager about that. They are usually more experienced and can recommend what your child will need. One thing for sure, will be a fielding glove, cleats and a protective cup. They will need baseball pants too but wait till your manager tells you what color the team will go with first before purchasing.

  • When and where are tryouts?

    Mid-January on a Saturday. Each division will have a two hour block. The times and locations will be announced when the dates are closer. FOR 2015: Location, dates and times are listed HERE

  • How many teams are there?

    That can vary from division to division. In the past, the Shetland and Pinto divisions have been about 8-9 teams. Bronco and Mustang 5-6 and Pony 3-4.

  • How many players are on each team?

    That depends on how many teams and players register but we attempt to make all teams have the same amount. Usually 10-12 players. The Foal (4U) division teams are smaller, 8-10.

  • How many games will be scheduled per team?

    As with most things, that depends on the division. Foal is usually 10 games, while the other divisions are between 12-18 games depending on the number of teams.

  • What will be the name of the teams?

    This year, as in the last few seasons, we will be using college team names along with their colors and mascots.

  • Will there be 'travel ball' teams that play together this season?

    No. We don’t allow whole teams to come into the league as a team. They are certainly welcome to join our league as individual players but they will be drafted on a team just like all players are. Having balanced teams and a fair game schedule is very important to Walnut PONY.

  • Will there be an Angel or Dodger night this year?

    Probably. We are still in the planning stages but expect to be able to announce that. If it happens, the tickets will be available in March for a game in April or early May.

  • When is picture day?

    We are still in the planning stages but expect to be able to announce a date for that.