Games of the Week

Games of the Week

For the players and parents who have been in this league for a number of years, they will remember the “Games of the Week” that we used to hold for every team once a season. We are happy to announce the return of the Games of the Week this season, starting this Saturday, March 28th.

Games of the Week are games that we setup the PA system and, with the help of all the parents, players are not only announced before their at bats but get to have whatever walk-up song they pre-selected play as they come up. There will also be music in between innings for that authentic college and big league stadium feel.

The schedule is listed below. All Foal, most of Shetland and one of both Mustang and Bronco will go this Saturday. The remaining Shetland (with the exception of one team that we will do on a separate day), Mustang and Bronco teams along with all the Pinto teams will be on the following Saturday, April 4th. We would like to highly encourage that teams invite as many friends and family as will come to make the games that much more festive and fun.

If any team parents have any questions, please contact Julie Russo at

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Shetland Field
8am Foal Harvard Crimson vs Foal Yale Bulldogs
9:30am Foal Oklahoma Sooners vs Foal UCLA Bruins
11am Foal Michigan Wolverines vs Foal USC Trojans
12:30pm Shetland Ohio State Buckeyes vs Shetland Oklahoma Sooners
2:30om Shetland USC Trojans vs Shetland Army Black Knights
4:30pm Shetland Harvard Crimson vs Shetland Texas Longhorns


South Field
6pm Mustang Army Black Knights vs Mustang Yale Bulldogs


North Field
5:30pm Bronco UCLA Bruins vs Bronco USC Trojans

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Shetland Field
6pm Shetland UCLA Bruins vs Shetland Army Black Knights


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shetland Field
4:30pm Shetland Michigan Wolverines vs Shetland Navy Midshipmen


South Field
8am Pinto Yale Bulldogs vs Pinto UCLA Bruins
10:30am Pinto Michigan Wolverines vs Pinto Oklahoma Sooners
1pm Pinto USC Trojans vs Pinto Army Black Knights
3:30pm Mustang USC Trojans vs Mustang Army Black Knights
6pm Mustang UCLA Bruins vs Mustang Navy Midshipmen


North Field
8am Champions Game
9:30am Pinto Harvard Crimson vs Pinto Texas Longhorns
12pm Pinto Navy Midshipmen vs Pinto Ohio State Buckeyes
2:30pm Bronco Navy Midshipmen vs Bronco Army Black Knights
5:30pm Bronco Yale Bulldogs vs Bronco UCLA Bruins