Iscore Meeting Tuesday for Pinto and Mustang

Iscore Meeting Tuesday for Pinto and Mustang

Scorekeepers for the Pinto and Mustang divisions please attend the Iscore meeting this Tuesday, February 19, 6:30pm at Walnut Senior Center. We will be going over the Iscore scorekeeping program that we use on the league Ipads. If you used this system last year and feel like you are proficient at it, you don’t need to attend.

A reminder to all Pinto and Mustang parents and coaches, we use one scorekeeper per team for every game. One, the home team, operates the Ipad, while the other, visiting team, operates the scoreboard and helps spot for the Ipad user. It is very important that every team have at least two scorekeepers that know how to use the system.  The Iscore system is used for all player stats and team standings. If a game is not scorekept with the Ipad, it will not be considered an official game. The system is fun and easy to learn and the scorekeeper will get lots of help the first 2 weeks of the season plus the training on Tuesday night.

The Bronco division also uses the Iscore system but all games are done by one “volunteer”. The Shetland and Pony divisions use the standard score book. Below are some links to training with both a standard score book and Iscore:

The Baseball Scorecard

Frye’s Baseball Scorekeeping 101

Iscore Tutorials