Picture Day Schedule for March 22

Picture Day Schedule for March 22

This Saturday is Picture Day for all players and teams. Please have your teams at Creekside Park at the designated times below:

PICTURE DAY 3/22/2014

7:45am – Pinto USC Trojans, Pinto Clemson Tigers, Mustang Clemson Tigers

8:15am – Pinto Fullerton St. Titans, Pinto Texas A&M Aggies, Foal Maryland Terrapins, Foal Kansas Jayhawks

9:00am – Foal Clemson Tigers, Foal Texas A&M Aggies, Shetland Clemson Tigers

9:30am – Pinto Maryland Terrapins, Pinto Kansas Jayhawks, Shetland Oregon St. Beavers

10:00am – Pinto UCLA Bruins, Pinto Florida St. Seminoles

10:30am – Foal USC Trojans, Foal UCLA Bruins, Mustang UCLA Bruins

11:00am – Shetland Texas A&M Aggies, Shetland Kansas Jayhawks

11:30am – Bronco USC Trojans, Bronco Florida St. Seminoles, Shetland Maryland Terrapins

1:00pm – Mustang Maryland Terrapins

1:30pm – Shetland Fullerton St. Titans, Shetland UCLA Bruins

2:00pm – Bronco Texas A&M Aggies, Bronco Maryland Terrapins

2:30pm – Mustang USC Trojans, Mustang Oregon St. Beavers

3:00pm – Shetland USC Trojans, Shetland Florida St. Seminoles, Bronco Clemson Tigers

4:00pm – Pony Terrapins, Pony Trojans, Pony Aggies, Pony Clemson Tigers