Picture Day Schedule for Saturday March 14

Picture Day Schedule for Saturday March 14

Picture Day schedule for Saturday, March 14, 2015 is available. See below or download the handout.

Picture Day Schedule 2015 (279)


7:00am Pinto Michigan Wolverines, Pinto Harvard Crimson

7:15am Champions Team 1 and 2

7:30am Foal Oklahoma Sooners, Foal USC Trojans

7:45am Pony Navy Midshipman, Pony Yale Bulldogs

8:00am Pinto Ohio State Buckeyes, Pinto USC Trojans

8:15am Foal Harvard Crimson, Foal Michigan Wolverines

8:30am Shetland UCLA Bruins (No game)

8:45am Shetland Ohio State Buckeyes, Shetland Oklahoma Sooners (No game)

9:00am Pinto Oklahoma Sooners, Pinto UCLA Bruins

9:15am Pinto Army Black Knights (No game), Pinto Yale Bulldaogs (No game)

9:30am Shetland Texas Longhorns, Shetland USC Trojans

9:45am Mustang Yale Bulldogs, Bronco UCLA Bruins (No game)

10:00am Foal UCLA Bruins, Foal Yale Bulldogs

10:15am Pinto Navy Midshipman, Pinto Texas Longhorns

10:30am Mustang USC Trojans, Mustang Navy Midshipman

10:45am Bronco Yale Bulldogs, Bronco Army Black Knights

11:00am Shetland Michigan Wolverines, Shetland Harvard Crimson

11:15am Bronco Navy Midshipmen, Bronco USC Trojans

11:30am Shetland Navy Midshipmen, Shetland Army Black Knights

11:45am Mustang UCLA Bruins, Mustang Army Black Knights, Bronco Army Black Knights