Rained Out Games Rescheduled, Playoffs Will Start a Day Later

All games that were rained out this past Saturday, April 25th, have been rescheduled to Monday or Tuesday, May 4&5. This has caused a slight adjustment to the playoff schedule as well. The “play in” games that were originally scheduled to be played on Wednesday May 6th will now take place the following day, Thursday May 7th. Those teams are still TBD.

All games that were suspended after they started on Saturday (believe that was just the Shetland and Bronco games) will need to be resumed at the same time that they were suspended. As according to out 2015 WVPB Rule book, page 8, section VIII, F, 5.

5. Games resume at point suspension – current playing rules in effect.
a) Eligible players are any team players listed on the original line-up sheet, present and available to play in the original game who is not deemed ineligible.
b) Ineligible Players:
(1) Subs that have been replaced by starters or other original subs in the original game.
(2) Injured players in the original game.
(3) Ejected players in the original game.
(4) Lower division players (maximum of 3) unless they played in the original game and enough other

Original Date&Time Teams New Date New Time
4/25/2015 2:30pm Shetland USC vs Shetland Michigan May 4 6:00pm
4/25/2015 4:30pm Shetland Ohio State vs Shetland Army May 5 6:00pm
4/25/2015 3:30pm Mustang Army vs Mustang USC May 4 7:00pm
4/25/2015 6:00pm Mustang Yale vs Mustang UCLA May 5 7:00pm
4/25/2015 2:30pm Bronco USC vs Bronco Navy May 4 7:00pm
4/25/2015 5:30pm Bronco Army vs Bronco Yale May 5 7:00pm
Shetland Playoffs 8 Seed Vs. 9 Seed May 7 6:00pm
Pinto Playoffs 7 Seed Vs. 8 Seed May 7 7:00pm
Pinto Playoffs 9 Seed Vs. 10 Seed May 7 7:00pm