Registration Reminder and Update

Registration Reminder and Update

Thank you to all members who have registered their children to play for the 2014 Walnut PONY spring season.

Don’t forget that try-outs for all divisions but Foal and Pony, are listed on the registration page and below. All players signed up for the Shetland, Pinto, Mustang and Bronco divisions must try-out on one of those two dates in order to be chosen for a team. Please bring a glove and, if available, a bat and batting helmet. Once try-outs are concluded, team managers will have a player draft and form their teams, usually a week after the last try-out. Once they know who is on which team, managers will call parents. Please don’t expect to hear which team your child is on until at least February, at the earliest.

For parents who have not signed up yet. Please remember that it is far easier to register online now then waiting in line during tryouts and trying to sign up then. Plus we offer discounts ($10 per child) if you register online now. Those discounts will go away soon and will certainly not apply during tryouts. There may also be an additional walk-up registration before try-outs but no date or location has been announced yet.

If parents should have any questions about registrations please use our Contact Request form and you will get an email response back.

Try-out Dates (for team draft only, all players make a team):

January 18, 2014 location TBD
Shetland 9am-11am
Pinto 11am-1pm
Mustang 1pm-3pm
Bronco 3pm-5pm


January 25, 2014 location TBD
Pinto 9am-11am
Shetland 11am-1pm
Mustang 1pm-3pm
Bronco 3pm-5pm

Dates and times subject to change due to weather.
Equipment: glove, bat, helmet, cup for boys.
Location will be announced on this website