Try-out Location at Snow Creek Park

Try-out Location at Snow Creek Park

Try-outs for the Shetland, Pinto, Mustang and Bronco divisions will be held at Snow Creek Park for both days. The times for each division are listed below for both Saturdays. We will except registrations that day but we highly recommend that you sign-up online now in order to avoid the lengthy delay of registering in person and having to fill out paper work. The $10 discount for signing up online has been extended till midnight, January 17, the night before the first try-out day.

Please have your player bring a fielding glove and boys, wear a protective cup. If your player has a bat and batting helmet, please bring it, otherwise we will have a small supply of them or they will need to borrow one.

Check-in at the tables and the player will be given a number and label with that number and his/her last name and LEAGUE AGE (not his/her actual age, league age is however old he/she will be on April 30, 2014). The numbers are usually broken down into groups of 10 and when each group is called they will assemble in the dugout in order of their numbers (parents please help us out with this). Each group will bat, take infield and outfield before the next group is called to do the same. Once the player’s group is done, the player is done for the day. You only need to attend one of the try-outs.

The teams will be selected on February 1st and players can expect a call from their respective managers usually within a week of that date at the latest. ALL PLAYERS PLAY, the try-outs and draft are only to make the teams as even as possible. Practices will be scheduled and begin, uniforms passed out and opening day will be Saturday February 15, 2014. The game schedule will be released a week or two before opening day.


January 18, 2014 location Snow Creek Park
Shetland 9am-11am
Pinto 11am-1pm
Mustang 1pm-3pm
Bronco 3pm-5pm


January 25, 2014 location Snow Creek Park
Pinto 9am-11am
Shetland 11am-1pm
Mustang 1pm-3pm
Bronco 3pm-5pm

Dates and times subject to change due to weather.

No try-puts for Foal Division (3-4 y)
Pony Division (13-14 y) Try-outs will be listed at a later date (probably held late January or early February)