UPDATE: Fall/Winter Ball Status

The start up date for Fall/Winter Ball has been changed from next Saturday, September 6th to the following Saturday, September 13th. We are sorry for any inconvenience but we do ask that you be patient with the process. We are aware that many players have not yet been contacted. Please be assured that they are on a team. This time of year there are only a couple board members running Fall Ball (the website coordinator is not among them). They are doing their best to make sure every player and team that signed up will have an enjoyable experience. Fall Ball is traditionally a lot less formal than the spring season. Managers may not run many practices like they do during the spring and scores are not kept during the games.

Also, at this present time, we are NOT taking any more registrations. Should that change, it will be posted here. Please do not email us asking if there is any more room. You will not get a response back.