Walnut Sheriff’s Station Still Doing Live Scans for Coaches

President Rocky Compolongo confirmed with the Walnut Sheriff’s Station, that they are still doing free Live Scans for managers and coaches of Walnut PONY Baseball. They do ask that you fill out the form (available on the Managers/Coaches Application page or down below) beforehand to help speed the process. If you have already been Live Scanned in previous years for Walnut PONY Baseball (other youth leagues or organizations don’t count) you don’t need to do it again. This is only for new managers and coaches who have not been Live Scanned on behalf of Walnut PONY Baseball in the past.

Live Scan technology allows digitally scanned fingerprints and related information to be submitted electronically to the Department of Justice within a matter of minutes and allows criminal background checks to be viewed by the league president. This is one of the ways that Walnut PONY Baseball can help make sure that the players and league members have a safe and fun environment to play baseball.

Live Scan for Walnut Pony Baseball (811)